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Youth Climate Activists You Need to Know

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Youth climate activists are at the forefront for climate activism and are fighting for a safer and greener tomorrow every day. There are many phenomenal and inspiring youth climate activists, some you may know and some you may not. There are also many climate activists that go unnoticed and ignored by their governments and communities for all of the work that they do. This is just a reminder that just because their work is not always noticed or highlighted, does not mean that they aren’t making a difference. Here are some climate activists that you should know:

1. Greta Thunberg, she is an 18-year old climate activist from Sweden. She has fought since she was 15 for a cleaner and greener future. She has spoken at the UN, started the Fridays for Future campaign which has inspired an entire generation to fight climate change and take action within their own communities and beyond. She has testified before Congress and has stood outside the Swedish parliament every Friday since she was 15 in a school strike for the climate. Throughout the pandemic, she striked virtually every Friday for the climate.

2. Vanessa Nakate is a 24 year old climate activist from Uganda. She works with the Fridays for Future campaign and is the founder of the Rise Up Climate movement. She began striking alone for the climate in January 2019 until other youth activists joined her in the fight. She also started a campaign to save the rainforests in the Congo. Vanessa works in Africa to educate others and raise awareness about climate change and throughout the world.

3. Jamie Margolin is 19 year old climate activist from the United States. She founded the climate organization Zero Hour at fifteen years old. She is currently a film student at NYU. She is very active in the climate community and even testified before the U.S. Congress. Jamie organized the Youth Climate Action March. She has also published a book: Youth to Power: Your Voice and How to Use It.

4. Zanagee Artis is a 20 year old climate activist and the co-founder of the climate organization Zero Hour in 2017. He is currently the Policy Director of Zero Hour. He has organized various global climate strikes. Zanagee currently attends Brown University.

5. Leah Thomas is an environmentalist that focuses on the intersectionality of social justice and the climate justice. She founded Intersectional Environmentalist, a platform that provides resources to get involved with social and climate justice.

Do you know any youth climate activists to highlight? Email or comment below!

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