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The Earthrise Project's Guide To Composting: What To Compost

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Composting is a phenomenal way to reduce food waste and make some soil in the process! In the coming days, some of our articles will include tips on composting and even how to start a compost pile or bin where you live! We also know that composting can be complicated and difficult, and the list here is by no means the totality of what you can compost. This, however, is a good starting point for people beginning or interesting in learning how to compost. Welcome to The Earthrise Project's Guide To Composting!

YES to composting: fruits, vegetables, sawdust, leaves, rice and grains, cardboard, hair, coffee grounds, eggshells, grass clippings, houseplants, skins, peels, and scraps from fruits and vegetables, among others.

NO to composting: meat, dairy, bones, leather, butter, oils, lint, biodegradable packing materials unless stated and advertised as compostable, cigarettes, among others.

We at The Earthrise Project love to hear about what you are doing within your own community to help solve the climate crisis! Let us know at! Have any questions about composting? We would love to answer them through our email or the chat feature on the site!


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