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The Devastating Reminder of Our Failure

I came here to blame you all because when a catastrophe occurs, we blame each other; youth blames adults, adults blame the government, and the government blames the economy, no one is taking responsibility for their actions, and the consequences are coming for us all, and it's fatal.

The death, the destruction that wildfires bring affects us the same way. Maybe you didn't lose your house in this fire, but you will in the next one, or in the flooding next month.

We are scrolling through comments, sharing the regret of the lack of action people get after a wildfire occurs, but then we go back to our lifestyle that supports extreme weather conditions by contributing to the climate crisis.

The earth is talking, some are listening, but everyone is blaming each other. It doesn't work that way.

After a wildfire, everyone asks: what will happen with the endemic species? What is going to happen to the flora and the fauna? When on the inside we all know what the fire does.

I can't trust small actions anymore, I can't trust the "words of hope" from the president of my country, I can't trust media, or myself because trusting, hoping, waiting is burning my future. It is not enough because I made a compost bin and I'm trying to become vegan, but someone increased their meat consumption and bought more plastic this week.

Far from the flames that came from Greece this week, everyone was talking about the fire looking like an apocalyptic painting, the truth is that the climate crisis doesn't paint, it destroys, it kills and this is just another proof of it. We are getting another wave every day, closer to the point of no return while thinking and changing our lifestyle is too radical, but the climate crisis is not waiting for you, the clock will not stop, and the fires, the weather, the rain bombs are the devastating reminder of our failure.

Blaming is not an action, small actions don't work alone, and suffering for the death of endemic species will not save them, it is time to wake up and take real action.

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