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Our Chapter System Explained!

Hello, everyone! One of The Earthrise Project's next endeavors will be launching a chapter system within the upcoming weeks. We are very excited and we hope you will join us! Below is more information.

Who: Passionate climate activists devoted to spreading the word on climate change and spark lasting change in their community. We are specifically looking for individuals interested in being chapter heads.

What: Local chapters (groups) for The Earthrise Project. We are currently looking for state or country chapter heads to help make this vision a reality. Every month, The Earthrise Project will email the chapter heads with presentations, challenges, information, and event ideas, so they can educate their communities more specifically and target the issues that need to be solved locally. Each chapter would have monthly Zoom meetings and all of the chapter heads would have an additional meeting every month to discuss what they are doing within their own communities.

When: The Earthrise Project hopes to have the first round of information within the next month. When the chapter system begins, there will be monthly Zoom meetings for all of the chapters and an additional Zoom meeting for all of the chapter heads.

Where: All of the information will be done online, through things like Zoom, email, and social media. Your chapter can also hold in-person events if interested.

Why: The Earthrise Project wants to help and empower as many people as possible to help solve the climate crisis. In order to do that, we thought that making our work more local would be the best way to reach more people because the climate crisis needs all of us.

If you are interested in becoming a chapter head, email for more information.

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