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How To Write A Climate Op-Ed

Op-eds are great ways to promote climate solutions in major publications! Here is how to do that:

  1. Find a topic. The topic can really be whatever interests you about climate change, promoting solutions, or writing for or against a piece of legislation, etc. Publications like the pieces to be timely and relevant, so make sure if you are writing about climate news, it is current. Generally, op-eds are around 500-750 words, but make sure to check with the specific publication.

  2. Find a publication. Who is your audience? Your town, state, entire country? Find a publication that fits your wants and needs with your target audience. Look up "news publications in (insert city, state, country here).

  3. Submit the op-ed. Make sure to look up how to submit an op-ed with your specific publication. What length do they want? How should you submit it? After you submit it, what ownership do you have of the piece? Can you submit it to other publications? These are all things that you need to look into and things to consider when finding a publication as well.

  4. Tell us about it! We here at The Earthrise Project would love to hear about the work that you are doing! Even if your op-ed is not published, we would love to hear from you and about what you are writing! Email us with your latest climate news at!

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