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How to Strike on Social Media

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Climate strikes are incredibly influential and important in the fight against climate change. With in-person climate strikes being unavailable for some at this time, striking online is definitely an option. This article will cover striking on social media. (You can also check out “How To Protest Virtually" on Instagram @theearthriseproject) Stay tuned for future articles about other ways to strike from home!

1. Make a sign.

This can be in support of or against an idea, action, piece of legislation etc.. For example: “Don’t be a fossil fool!”, “There is no Planet B”, or “System change, not climate change”.

2. Take a photo!

This can be of the sign, you with the sign, or a group of you!

3. Choose your platform.

Choose your preferred social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, etc. Or post on all of your social media platforms!

4. Post and tag.

Post your picture with the hashtag #fridaysforfuture, #climatestrikeonline, or #virtualclimatestrike, or create your own hastag!

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