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How To Organize A Nonviolent Climate Strike In Your Area

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

  1. Choose your method- Do you want a march, rally, or walk out? There are many different ways that you can have a peaceful climate strike. Make sure you choose one that is inclusive, safe, and works with you and your team.

  2. Make a team- Who will be striking with you? Will you be striking alone? Who do you want to help plan this? Who will spread the word? Assemble a reliable team to help out with the strike.

  3. Choose location and time- Think about where and when you want to strike. Should it be in front of a government office? When? On the weekend when many people are available? These are many things to think about when coordinating a peaceful climate strike.

  4. Get legal permission- Double check if you strike will warrant police approval and if a permit is needed. There can be many legal implications to striking, so make sure you have looked over all of the rules that are in place in your area. Other legal forms and documents may be needed, so make sure to check that your strike has checked all of the legal boxes in your area.

  5. Spread the word!- Whether on social media, contacting the local press, though printed flyers, or word-of-mouth, spread the work about the climate strike! Have other join you in your mission because this is a big accomplishment!

  6. Make signs!- Make signs about climate change and ones specific to your mission! Check out future articles and theeearthriseproject Instagram for sign ideas!


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