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How To Make A Climate Petition

Making a climate petition is a great way to spread the word on climate issues and let leaders know about what is concerning their constituents.

  1. Choose a topic. What do you want to change? A bill or law? A pipeline in your area? What do you want to institute? A carbon tax? A ban on plastic bags? Choose a topic that you are passionate about and write about it!

  2. Demand action. Be clear with what you want to be changed and make sure it is specific and directed at the right people who have the power to solve these problems.

  3. Make your petition. Is your petition online or a physical paper? If it is online, create it on a platform like Google Forms or and ciriculate it on social media. Post about it within any Facebook groups or on your Instagram, etc. Make sure that you get the word out and get as many signatures as possible. If it is in person, you are going to want to find a physical location where there are people around. Petitions are often in front of stores, but check if setting something up outside is legal in your area and okay with the store. Make sure that you get the approval that you need (if it is needed at all), but make sure that you check. Make signs form a team to help you.

  4. Send your petition. Choose the person to give your petition to. If it is a government leader, look into how to send petitions to them. If it is an organization or company, look into how to reach out to them to send the petition!

Have you sent any petitions lately? Let us know what you are doing in your community to fight against climate change at!

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