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How To Contact Your Government Official About Climate Issues (U.S. Edition)

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Contacting you government officials is an immensely important and impactful way to get your opinions heard about climate change. Here is how you do that:

-Use this link to find U.S. senators and where to contact them in Washington D.C.

-Use this link to find U.S. representatives and phone number

You can find more contact information on the leader's website to contact them through email or written letter.

You can email, call, or write to them to talk about your climate concerns. You could contact them about energy policies, a new pipeline in your area, or plastic pollution. Make sure to be respectful. Also, if you are sending a letter, make sure to put your address on the envelope, if you are comfortable, in case they respond.

Here are some pieces of information that you should put in your letter:

  1. Your name and some information about yourself.

  2. Why climate change is important to you.

  3. Acknowledge what your government official has said about climate change in the past.

  4. Ask for change.

  5. Ask for a reply, if you are comfortable.

For example:

Dear Senator (insert name here),

I am Kelsey Kozuszek, a youth climate activist, fighting for a more sustainable future for all every day. The fight against climate change is important to me because I care about the future of the planet and everything on it. I want to make sure that future generations have a livable planet to reside on and ensure that their lives are as successful and prosperous as possible. I see your plans to make our state carbon neutral by 2050, and I am asking that these policies be implemented sooner. We need to keep the temperature increase under 2 degrees C, and in order to do that, we need climate action now with renewable energy policies in our state. Thank you for your time and thank you for fighting for a better future.


Kelsey Kozuszek


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