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Common Items That You Did Not Know Contained Plastic (With Alternatives!)

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Usually, when something contains plastic, it is pretty evident. It is usually in the packaging or in the label, etc. But, here are some common household items that you probably use every day that you didn't know contained plastic!

  1. Glitter- You can use biodegradable glitter, recycled paper, or confetti that you can reuse or recycle.

  2. Chewing gum- You can look for eco-friendly chewing gum without plastic. Common brands include Glee Gum, Simply Gum, and The Humble Co.

  3. Nail polish- Most if not all nail polishes are already made of plastics. But, if you do not want to give up nail polish, you can look for brands with sustainable, recyclable packaging.

  4. Stickers on Produce- These can be difficult when avoiding fruits and vegetables, but there are stores working on developing other ways to check out. You can contact your grocery store about concerns and alternatives to these stickers (like biodegradable stickers).

  5. Tea Bags- Yes, the tea bags are made of plastics is most cases. Look for loose leaf tea or even companies that sell eco-friendly packaging as an alternative.

As we have learned, many everyday items contain plastic. With more brands becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly, things are looking up, but it is definitely not perfect. But, it is up to us as consumers, to fight for a cleaner, greener, better tomorrow for all.

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