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And A Side of Chemicals?

Maybe today you were just really hungry.

Maybe it was because the frozen chicken didn’t thaw out all the way.

Or maybe you just wanted some french fries.

When you are handed that container that expels delicious aromas, do you think of the chemicals swirling around and mixing in with the food you soon devour?

Probably not.

That thin sheet of material that seems like wax paper, which is meant to be a grease liner is actually laced with a dangerous chemical called PCFs. For decades this chemical has been used in a variety of take-out receptacles.

Scientifically, 98% of humans have tested positive for PCF contamination in their bodies. There are two types of PCFs: PFOS and PFAS. These chemicals are linked to cancer and reproductive harm.

PFOs and PFAs have been proven to cause pregnancy problems that consist of developmental issues.

Luckily it isn’t impossible to eliminate these chemicals from our everyday use. Proof of that is an example set by the fast-food chain, Burger King. They officially quit their use of these toxic chemicals in their food packaging.

Many other companies have also begun to do similar acts, which increases the welfare for the public.

Next time you order out, think wisely. Do you really need those french fries with a side of chemicals?

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