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Activism Workshop Speech

I am speaking to you all today to stress the importance of individual action. You may be thinking, “Yes, we get it. Individual action is important, you have talked about this before. This is also what the organization is built on, right?” Well, yes, but I wanted to take this discussion a step further. I often feel like the “individual” part of individual action is separated from the “action” side of it. Individual action seems to be often belittled as something that doesn’t mean much because it is only one person. But, what I want to tell you, proudly, is that individual actions are one of the most powerful and impactful things that you can do. It shows that you, on your own terms and in your own uniqueness and individuality, decided that it was up to you to make change. There are many ways to make said change: you could stage an individual protest, personally educate yourself on climate issues, or do even what we are doing this evening, contacting your government leaders about the issues that matter the most to you. It is a vital and personal way to share your thoughts, opinions, and solutions to protect your future, and protect the future of others in the process. So I thank you for taking action, in whichever way you choose, for making sure your voices are heard, and for promoting a world with fighting for.

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